Figurines & Angels

From Art Hearts, Artful Crosses, and Willow Tree sculptural figures to the various other pieces of art we offer, DEMDACO curates a meaningful selection of artisan sculptures and figures that communicate what words sometimes cannot say. A wide variety of gifts for nearly any recipient on nearly any occasion. You'll also find many unique home decor pieces of memorable art.

Heart sculptures decorated in uplifting words

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  • Front view of standing female figure with rusted metal house in arms

    Mi Casa

  • Front view of female figure ornament in blue dress, with arms raised up to face as if dancing

    Journey Ornament

  • Front view of brunette woman figurine in white dress holding swaddled baby


  • Front view of female figure with dreadlocks and gold headband, standing with arms out to her sides


  • Front view of standing female angel with wire wings in cream dress, holding armful of red apples

    Good Health

  • Front view of standing figure with short brown hair and bangs in cream dress holding wreath of green magnolia leaves at her chest


  • Angel with brown hair and wings wears a dress with a blue top and a white skirt with blue decal at bottom. Gray text and flowers are engraved on skirt. Yellow flower is in angel's hair as she holds a yellow butterfly. Angel is in brown gift packaging

    March Birthday Wish Angel

  • Front view of standing female figure in cream dress with gold dots at bottom, holding candle with gold-leaf flame


  • Front view of two children figures cuddling on a gray beanbag, older child in a pale blue onesie, younger in a pale blue onesie and hat

    My new baby (sky)

  • Front view of female figure in cream dress, seated on rock, reading a book


  • Faith and Trust Angel

    Faith and Trust Angel

  • Front view of figure in cream dress holding pierced metal pineapple, decorated with gold-leaf dots


  • Side view of standing female figure in cream dress, holding toddler in front of her, touching heads