Figurines & Angels

From Art Hearts, Artful Crosses, and Willow Tree sculptural figures to the various other pieces of art we offer, DEMDACO curates a meaningful selection of artisan sculptures and figures that communicate what words sometimes cannot say. A wide variety of gifts for nearly any recipient on nearly any occasion. You'll also find many unique home decor pieces of memorable art.

Heart sculptures decorated in uplifting words

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  • Side view of kneeling female figure in cream dress, with wire butterfly on extended hands

    Quiet Wonder

  • Front view of standing female figure in cream dress holding toddler in cream onesie

    Child of my Heart

  • Front view of seated male figure in cream shirt and dark pants, with young girl in cream dress seated next to him

    Father and Daughter

  • Front view of embracing male and pregnant female couple figures, female in cream dress, male in cream shirt and blue jeans


  • Front view of seated female in cream dress, with one arm holding small toddler, other arm around older child standing next to her


  • Figure of brown cat with tilted head perched atop a cream colored rectangular pedestal, facing front

    Love my Cat (dark)

  • Front view, figure in cream dress, holds skirt with both hands, carved like monarch, dotted with gold. Hook, loop on ornament's head

    Butterfly Ornament

  • Front view of male and female couple figure, standing back to front with arms around each other


  • Front view of standing figure in cream dress holding tall bouquet of white calla lillies

    Beautiful Wishes

  • Front view of two standing female figures in cream dresses, older standing behind younger, embracing


  • Front view of seated, cross-legged girl in cream dress holding gray cat in lap

    Kindness (girl)

  • Front view of standing figure in cream dress holding open book to chest

    Love of Learning

  • Front view of female in cream dress with wire wings, holding gray cat in her arms

    With affection

  • Right view of kneeling girl in cream shirt and blue jeans with hands on knees

    Joyful Child