Figurines & Angels

From Art Hearts, Artful Crosses, and Willow Tree sculptural figures to the various other pieces of art we offer, DEMDACO curates a meaningful selection of artisan sculptures and figures that communicate what words sometimes cannot say. A wide variety of gifts for nearly any recipient on nearly any occasion. You'll also find many unique home decor pieces of memorable art.

Heart sculptures decorated in uplifting words

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  • Small angel figurine with praying hands

    a tree, a prayer

  • Small girl figurine in white dress holding pink flower bouqet


  • Faceless woman sitting on grey rock wearing all white holding pink heart


  • Front view of angle with brown hair sitting on a stone with her hands cupping her cheeks

    Angel of Caring

  • Close up of figurine angel holding puppy

    Angel of Comfort

  • Faceless woman angel figurine in white dress with black wings holding up hands

    Angel of Freedom

  • Angel figurine holding puppy

    Angel of Friendship

  • Close view of angel playing flue figurine

    Angel of Harmony

  • Angel figurine holding rock

    Angel of Healing

  • Angel figurine holding out candle

    Angel of Hope

  • Woman holding baby figurine

    Angel of Mine

  • Angel praying figurine

    Angel of Prayer

  • Angel figurine holding shovel

    Angel of the Garden

  • Angel figurine holding tea pot

    Angel of the Kitchen