Wraps & Shawls

Fashion-forward, versatile wraps and shawls offer multiple looks to coordinate with any outfit. Our popular City Wraps—available in the most comfortable materials, are especially fashion-forward when included as part of a layered ensemble and features a unique drawstring pouch for on-the-go benefits and functionality as a travel pillow. The sheer versatility of DEMDACO wraps and shawls and the many different stylish designs available are perfect for creating multiple layered looks. From poolside to urban chic, the possibilities abound. Our wraps and shawls feature the softest materials and stylish accents that feel good wherever you are. Understated details add feminine flair to any wardrobe or look. Layer over casual styles for evening or occasion wear. The perfect gift for when you want to send something especially comforting to express how you feel. Very unique and stylish fashion accessories!

Women in soft, warm shawls and wraps - Comfort and Warmth

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