Stuffed Animals for Babies

Stuffed animals are friends to hug and cuddle, and they may even become your companions for life. DEMDACO's wide variety of stuffed animals for babies features colorful and playful characters to be there in times of love and joy. The Animalcraft collection of realistic plush toys for babies includes some of the most adorable animals you could ever imagine. Their softness will comfort your baby during both naptime and playtime. Browse DEMDACO's stuffed animals now and give your baby a new furry buddy to love.

Smiling boy hanging over couch with soft brown teddy bear

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  • White stuffed lamb baby toy - black/white striped feet - green cross printed on the left - dark blue hoop hanging from the top

    Activity Lamb with Rattle

  • Small brown/white stuffed horse animal with black mane and tail - laying down

    Appaloosa Horse Large

  • April Birthstone Bear

  • Light brown stuffed animal with long nose and tail

    Armadillo Beanbag

  • August Birthstone Bear

  • White/grey stuffed dog animal with shaggy long hair on its body - laying down

    Australian Shepherd Large

  • tan stuffed bear with striped nose and ears

    Baby Bear Plush Toy

  • tan stuffed bear with striped body and polka dot nose and ears

    Baby Bear Rattle

  • Barnyard Cow Plush

  • Barnyard Cow Rattle