Stuffed Animals for Babies

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    Giving Bear sits facing the camera with his note attached to his chest. Fur is brown and tinged light blue
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    Giving Bear 16"

  • A front facing view of a soft brown and beige plush Holiday Giving Bear, wearing a white and red velvet Santa hat.

    Holiday Giving Bear

  • A small plush orange and white Brachiosaurus.

    Brachiosaurus Small

  • A small plush brown, white, and black sitting Wire Fox Terrier beanbag.

    Wire Fox Terrier Beanbag

  • A plush orange and brown Brachiosaurus beanbag.

    Brachiosaurus Beanbag

  • A small plush brown, white, and black pouncing Wire Fox Terrier.

    Wire Fox Terrier Small

  • A front facing view of a soft, plush tan Sweet Dreams Bear, with ivory ears and paws, and an ivory star patch in the center that reads "Sweet Dreams Little One", on a soft book.

    Sweet Dreams Bear Plush

  • tan llama stuffed animal

    Llama Small

  • tan stuffed dog in playing position

    Lab Mix Rescue Breed Plush Toy

  • A light brown Chorkie Mix plush dog in a sitting position.

    Chorkie Mix Rescue Breed Plush Toy

  • Brown stuffed animal with long snout and large cream horns, light brown nose/feet/hands

    Moose Beanbag

  • Brown stuffed bear sitting up - front/side view

    Grizzly Bear Beanbag

  • Light brown stuffed dog - long body and short legs

    Dachshund Beanbag