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  • White drawstring see-through bag with white prayer card

    Communion Token Gift Set

  • Small brunette angel wearing green dress with light blue polka dots and light blue top - 'friends forever' in black on bottom of dress

    Friends Forever Winged Inspiration Angel

  • White cross with blue and sand colored decals. Blue and black lettering. Tassel and bronze key attached to cross.

    Love is Patient and Kind Artful Cross

  • A ceramic cross and lamb medallion musical cross that reads "Jesus Loves Me".

    Jesus Loves Me Medallion Musical Cross

  • Angel with brown hair and wings wearing a dress with a white top and a peach skirt. Gray lettering and flowers engraved on skirt. Orange flower in angel's hair, as she holds a yellow butterfly. Angel in brown gift packaging

    August Birthday Wish Angel

  • A soft white and cream plush mechanical lamb, holding a gray cross that reads Jesus Loves Me", and with "Pray With Me"; and a heart embroidered on the right paw."

    Pray with Me Mechanical Lamb

  • Angel figurine with brown hair and white wings wears a dress with a blue shirt and a cream skirt. Blue and white border around base of skirt. White leaves and black engraved lettering on skirt. Angel holds a green heart and has a red flower in her hair. Angel is in brown gift packaging

    September Birthday Wish Angel

  • A heart shaped sculpture with a gold key and gold tassel that has a gold feather and a saying about your guardian angel.

    Guardian Angel Art Heart

  • A light blue cross shaped sculpture with a white flower that says "Always Believe" with a gold key attached to a silver tassel.

    Always Believe Artful Cross

  • Be still and know that I am God white cross with tassle and key

    Be Still and Know Artful Cross

  • White cross figurine with light blue details - cross in the center' 'bless this child' in black letters

    Blue Hanging Cross

  • Angel with brown hair and white wings wears a dress with a white top and sandy colored skirt. White decals and black text are on skirt. Angel holds a red heart and wears a red flower in her hair. Angel is in gift packaging

    February Birthday Wish Angel

  • An adjustable gold chain bracelet with white and gold beads and a round gold token with cutout cross.

    First Communion Bracelet

  • A plush, white laying lamb with a simple pink heart on its paw. Holding a soft pink blanket with a silver cross.

    Pink Goodnight Prayer Mechanical Lamb

  • A white Guardian Angel Bear Blankie with soft pink trim, and a soft pink cross stitched in the bottom corner.

    Pink Guardian Angel Bear Blankie