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  • A soft blue plush Giraffe rattle blankie with polka dots and a wave pattern.

    Griffin Giraffe Rattle Blankie

  • A front facing view of a soft green plush turtle blankie with large circular cheeks, striped stomach and arms, and a multi shade of green shell, and one sentimental patch.

    Grow Slow Turtle Blankie

  • A soft blue and gray elephant blankie with a blue heart in the bottom right corner.

    Luxurious Elephant Blankie - Blue

  • A light blue and ivory linen blue bunny blankie.

    Linen Blankie - Blue Bunny

  • front view of triangle shaped light purple baby blanket with stuffed cat head, arms and legs

    Kennedy Kitty Rattle Blankie

  • front view of triangle shaped light blue baby blanket with stuffed bear head, arms and legs

    Blake Bear Rattle Blankie

  • Blue stuffed lion blanket

    Darcy Dinosaur Rattle Blankie

  • Light blue stuffed animal blanket spread open

    Damien Dog Rattle Blankie

  • Light green crocodile spread out blanket animal

    Arnie Alligator Rattle Blankie

  • Blue blanket elephant with triangular body has white feet and ears.

    Ellery Elephant Rattle Blankie