Activity Toys for Babies

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  • Dark blue striped "Mommy and Me" activity scarf with hanging sensory objects all in sea theme. Placed on a mannequin stand.

    Mommy & Me Activity Scarf - Blue

  • hanging fabric ark with different small stuffed animals sticking out of pockets on front

    Noah's Ark with Squeakers plush toy set

  • A cream baby activity scarf with different tabs and sensory activities on the ends all in a farm animal theme.

    Mommy & Me Activity Scarf - Farm Animals

  • A blue gray fabric scarf with baby activities and sensory tabs at the ends all in a faith theme, displayed on a mannequin.

    Mommy & Me Activity Scarf - Faith

  • A gray plush stuffed elephant sitting and holding a smaller elephant in its lap.

    Lullaby Pal - Elephant

  • Cream stuffed teddy bear sitting up with grey bow and grey cross on bottom of foot

    The Lord's Prayer Bear

  • A fair doll with blonde hair in a polka dotted pink shirt and polka dotted blue skirt.

    Blonde Doll

  • A tan doll with black hair in a striped pink shirt and striped blue pants.

    Black Haired Doll

  • A plush gray striped and polka dotted "Activity Teether Buddy" elephant.

    Activity Teether Buddy - Elephant

  • A fair doll with red hair in a striped orange shirt and striped pink pants.

    Redhead Doll

  • A plush, white sitting lamb with a simple pink heart on its paw. Holding a soft pink blanket with a silver cross.

    Pink Jesus Loves Me Mechanical Lamb

  • A fair doll with brunette hair in a striped blue dress and purple glasses.

    Brunette Doll

  • A plush yellow, pink, and gray striped and polka dotted "Activity Teether Buddy" cat.

    Activity Teether Buddy - Cat

  • A plush black and white striped "Activity Teether Buddy" zebra.

    Activity Teether Buddy - Zebra