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  • Front view of seated child figure with wire wings in cream top and pants, holding brown dog in lap

    Angel of Comfort

  • Front view, standing female figure in cream dress, hands surrounding small gold-leaf flame on chest

    Ever Remember

  • Left view of standing figure with short light hair in cream dress holding out bunch of pink peonies

    Thank You

  • Front view of brunette girl figurine in white dress with gold dots holding her hands out

    Everyday Blessings

  • Front view of two standing female figures in cream dresses, facing towards each other holding hands

    Sisters by Heart

  • Front view of standing female in cream dress with arms outstretched, with three bluebirds perched on outstretched arms


  • Figure of brown cat with tilted head perched atop a cream colored rectangular pedestal, facing front

    Love my Cat (dark)

  • Front view of figure in ballet pose with wire wings in cream dress carved with natural patterns, figure elevated on metal stand with base

    Dance of Life

  • Front view of seated female figure in light blue dress and blue cloak holding baby, with male figure in rust-colored cloak standing behind her holding staff

    The Holy Family

  • Front view of female figure in cream dress, seated on gray rock, holding baby up in the air


  • Small flat bas-relief carving of Joseph and Mary holding baby Jesus, edged in rust-colored pierced-metal filigree with ornament loop

    Holy Family Metal-edged Ornament

  • Side view of kneeling female figure in cream dress, with wire butterfly on extended hands

    Quiet Wonder

  • Metal trinket box in a heart shape with sculpted wings and the words always and forever

    Always and Forever Art Heart Keeper

  • Front view of standing boy figure in cream shirt and blue jeans, holding gold-leaf heart with both hands to chest

    Heart of Gold

  • Front view of seated female in cream dress, with one arm holding small toddler, other arm around older child standing next to her