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  • Faith hope and love' printed on white cross with bird and flower print keychain

    Faith Hope Love Artful Cross

  • A good friend is a blessing from God' printed on white cross with pink/green flower print keychain

    Friend Artful Cross

  • Trust in the Lord with all your heart' on light blue cross figurine

    Trust in the Lord Artful Cross Token

  • Lifes best example of love is a grandmother' printed on white cross figurine with flower prints

    Grandmother Artful Cross Token

  • God is love' quote on cross figurine with multi-print flowers

    God is Love Artful Cross Token

  • Courage' printed on white/pink/black flower print cross figurine

    Courage Artful Cross Token

  • I can do all things through Him who strengthens me' printed on beach print cross keychain with blue tassle

    All Things Through Him Artful Cross

  • Bless this home' printed on tan cross with image of house and red heart design keychain with brown tassle

    Bless This Home Artful Cross

  • ceramic cross with flowers and Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life printed on it with brass key tied to it

    Friends are Flowers Artful Cross

  • ceramic cross painted in shades of blue reading Quiet Courage in black script

    Quiet Courage Artful Cross Token

  • White cross with yellow flowers, red berries, and a songbird. Text is in brown lettering. Bronze key and tassel attached to top of cross

    Thankful and Blessed Artful Cross

  • Believe' printed on white cross with red/green flowers figurine

    Believe Artful Cross Token

  • A friend loves at all times white cross with tassle and key

    A Friend Loves at All Times Artful Cross

  • Trust in the Lord with all your heart' on blue chunky cross keychain

    Trust in the Lord Artful Cross

  • Light blue cross with birds perched on branches has blue text. Dusty blue tassel and bronze key are attached to top of heart

    Forever My Mother Artful Cross