White Christmas Crown Message Ornaments - 3 Asst.

White Christmas

Go for the clean and classic aesthetic this holiday with a few select pieces from the White Christmas Collection. DEMDACO has created a wide range of home decor and ornaments in shades of white with a touch of antique gold. These vintage pieces are highly intricate, hearkening back to Victorian holidays and celebrations. When you want a more formal, yet fanciful feeling this season choose these signature Gilded Christmas pieces from DEMDACO. Enjoy a more regal holiday with these three White Christmas Crown Message Ornaments. Each is a paper crown formed in a different style. They are intricately detailed and decorated with glitter, rhinestones, and patches of floral patterned fabric. Vintage music note paper lines the inside of each crown. A small banner with a different sentiment decorates the front of each crown, including "You are loved; Always have, always will; Cherished." DEMDACO White Christmas Crown Message Ornaments - 3 Asst. are each different sizes. The widest is 3", and the tallest is 4". Hangs from a beaded chain.
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The Details
  • Size: widest 3", tallest 4"
  • Materials: paper, glitter, rhinestone
  • Sentiment: You are loved; Always have, always will; Cherished
  • Copyright: © 2019 A Gilded Life for DEMDACO
  • UPC: 638713490377
The Artist
Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray have been creating for as long as they both can remember. As mother and daughter, design has always been integral to their relationship. As Shea was growing up, Debbie taught stained glass classes, and owned a custom de sign business and fine art painting studio. As adults, they have designed for the gift industry, sold to collectors worldwide, fashioned jewelry that has graced the red carpet, and transformed a gothic church into a home and studio. Today, Shea and D ebbie are excited to see what new inspiration awaits.

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