Accordion Book Type Paper Music Ornaments - 4 Asst.

White Christmas

Go for the clean and classic aesthetic this holiday with a few select pieces from the White Christmas Collection. DEMDACO has created a wide range of home decor and ornaments in shades of white with a hefty helping of glitter. You'll find some pieces are designed by artist, Wendy Wiinanen. She brings a unique style to your holiday with lighthearted illustrations and sculptures of Christmas icons like Santa and Snowmen. Recreate the feeling of childhood winters spent with the family by hanging a few of these pieces on the tree. Everyone remembers folding paper for crafts projects when they were young. Preserve that cherished memory in your Christmas decorations with set of four Accordion Book Type Paper Music Ornaments. Each ornament is a different 3D shape held together with powerful magnets, which can also be pulled apart to fold your ornaments flat for storage. The ornaments are folded from paper with printed text on it. These DEMDACO Accordion Book Type Paper Music Ornaments - 4 Asst. are each different sizes. The tallest measures 5"h.
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