Winter Season sale for 2020 banner 50% off

  • Silver charm necklace with light blue crown pendant
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    Crown Medallion Necklace

    $20.00 $9.98
  • Light small wooden eiffel tower figurine on top of tan/black/white tassles
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    Eiffel Tower Tassel Ornament

    $25.00 $12.38
  • Set of three hanging silve circlesr with different gold center designs
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    Embellish Dome Scene Ornaments - 3 Assorted

    $51.00 $25.38
  • Golden sparkly LOVE hanging with white feathers hanging off bottom of 'VE'
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    Embellished Love Sign

    $32.00 $15.98
  • PARIS in silver letters wall hook
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    Embellished Paris Sign

    $30.00 $14.98
  • A Gilded Life - Love Potion wand & glitter gift set - wand is rose gold in white packaging
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    Ever Thine Wand and Love Potion

    $17.00 $8.38
  • Hanging silver bird ornament with white ribbon
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    Glittered Bird Ornament

    $13.00 $6.38
  • Set of two heart cushion ornaments - left one is image of girl figurine with 'blessed', right one is deer head in gold with 'love you dearly'
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    Glittered Icon on Paper Ornaments - 2 Assorted

    $32.00 $15.98
  • Silver crescent moon and star hanging ornament
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    Glittered Moon Ornament

    $18.00 $8.98
  • Clear glass PARIS jar with gold glittery eiffel tower
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    Pedestal Eiffel Tower Under Cloche Figure

    $55.00 $27.38
  • Close view of grey snowy building scene with tan trees around it - box shaped
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    Reason and Faith Curiosity Box

    $36.00 $17.98
  • Light blue/wooden photo frame with light brown center and 'Artisan handcrafted photo frame' in white
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    Texture Patterned Frame

    $24.00 $11.98