Great Gifts for Grandparents!

Posted Aug 13th 2019

National Grandparents Day is coming up on September 8th. It’s a day dedicated to appreciating all of the love and care that our elders have shown to us throughout our lives. Grandmas and grandpas have been there for us all of our lives, and one day out of the year can’t compare to the years of dedication they’ve provided. Even so, if you want to do something special for them and give them a grandparent gift they’ll cherish for years, here are some ideas.

Grandpa and Grandma Hug Mugs – Set of 2 Assorted

A small keepsake is sometimes all that’s needed to remember those irreplaceable moments in your life. Remind a loved one of the joys and happiness of events that happen only once in a lifetime. Give them a gift from DEMDACO’s Meaningful Moments Collection. Materials such as, ceramic, wood, and metal, help ensure that these quality pieces will keep the memories fresh for years to come. Why not share a quiet moment with one another over a cup of tea or coffee? The Grandpa and Grandma Hug Mugs are the perfect way to mark your private moments enjoying each other’s company. With one convex mug and one concave mug, they are uniquely designed to interlock when pushed together. These mugs feature a dark blue and white design with hand pressed detail. There is a sentiment embossed on the inside and outside, “Grandpa, greatest…;” and “Grandma, …blessing.”

Grandpa and Grandma Hug Mugs – Set of 2 Assorted

Grandma Forever Card

It makes sense to mark unforgettable moments with a small keepsake to help remind of the joy and happiness you felt when they occurred. Whether the event is something that only happens once-in-a-lifetime, or it is the first of many quiet, heartfelt moments, the Meaningful Moments Collection has the perfect gift. Each of these quality pieces is made from durable ceramic, wood, or metal, and is designed to last for years. The time to let her know you care is now with the DEMDACO Grandma Forever Card. This hinged wooden gift card is meant to serve as a permanent reminder of your love and admiration. Put the card on display for everyone to see. It is decorated in a neutral color palette with pink accents. The front of the card features the sentiment: “Grandma. Giving, clever, special, fun, loved, mom, irreplaceable.” The back of the card simply says: “Grandma…” There is also space on the back to personalize this gift.

Grandma Forever Card

Love Birds by Sharon Nowlan

Inspire feelings of wonder and true love this season with the beautiful Sharon Nowlan Collection Love Birds wall décor. A reminder of the love two people share, this striking wall art piece is framed with eye-catching pinewood and matted for a textured and modern appearance. A delicate design of two lovebirds on a branch adorns the center of this piece, crafted using replicated sea glass, seashells, and twigs with intricate line-work throughout for a truly breathtaking and natural appearance. This piece can easily be hung on any wall or displayed proudly on the included easel. The simplicity and neutrality of this design makes it easy to coordinate with all types of home décor, no matter what your style. Perfect for gifting as a special piece of art for grandma and grandpa.

Love Birds Wall Decor

Wilow Tree®: Grandfather

“Willow Tree is a reminder of someone we want to keep close, or a memory we want to touch… I like for the viewer to become a participant in the understanding of the piece. It makes it more personal for the giver and the receiver to envision what or whom they want.” –Susan Lordi

A gift to celebrate new beginnings, new babies, new families… and the loving relationships that develop between grandparent and child.


Wilow Tree®: With My Grandmother

“I carved this piece directly from my memory of time spent with my own grandmother. Sitting down with her, holding her hand, turning her wedding rings, asking questions about her life and listening to her stories. I’ve always been interested in oral history and the passing down of stories from one generation to the next. I think learning from those who have come before us helps define who we are – it grounds us. Their story is our story.” —Susan Lordi

A gift to celebrate the loving relationships that develop between grandparent and child.

With my Grandmother

Grandparents Frame

The keepsake collection of frames captures moments of joy and celebration in anticipating and welcoming a tiny blessing into a family. This frame features a raised heart design with metallic silver finish. Soft colors will fit in any décor. A framed picture of a grandchild is the perfect gift for grandparents on arrival, grandparent’s day or any day.

Grandparents Frame

Grandma is Love Art Heart

The Art Hearts Collection features heart-shaped keepsakes which feature images and sentiments that celebrate the bonds of friendship and family. This white Art Heart features the heartfelt sentiment, “Grandma is love that you never outgrow.” This unique work of art can hang or stand with its attached key easel. Available with easel backer style and cording hanger style. This collection features new heartfelt designs and token heart formats as perfect gifts for milestone moments. Sentiment: “Grandma is love that you never outgrow.”

Grandma is Love Art Heart

Kitchen Pattern Boa

Make the most of every meal with the byDesign Serving Collection – unique kitchen accessories that offer stylish function for those who enjoy entertaining. Grandmother will love this fun, functional kitchen accessory! This Kitchen Pattern Boa has a red bottom and a top that features a pattern depicting different kitchen items. The 100% cotton kitchen boa is a stylish reinvention of the tea towel that tucks neatly around the neck for handy, clean and worry-free cooking.

Kitchen Pattern Boa

Dean Crouser Summer Hummingbirds Vase

Your grandparents will adore the vibrant watercolor paintings of Oregon wildlife artist Dean Crouser that bring exquisite beauty to tabletop stoneware, wall art and home accessories. Dean’s breathtaking imagery of mighty wildlife, American songbirds, colorful butterflies, and more will enliven any home décor. This vase is decorated with two colorful hummingbirds hovering over a flower. Painted on the inside of the vase is a soft green color that coordinates with the hummingbirds. Holds up to a dozen flowers. A great way to coordinate or contrast the color of the flowers you buy with the colors decorated on the vase. Each Bud Vase is uniquely designed to fit any taste and any personality.

Summer Hummingbirds Vase


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