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Everyday moments create the sweetest memories: a time you and your mom enjoyed a special celebration together; the bucket list location you and your best friend visited; or a relaxed evening on the porch engaged in pleasant conversation with your favorite people. Refresh every room in your house with home décor that reminds you of those precious times. From pillows with touching, ‘handwritten’ sentiments to lively, nature-loving wall art, these items will add flavor to every space. Organic table décor and modern vases also provide the perfect gifting options for all the beloved homeowners in your life.  


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  • A left facing view of an illuminated yellow orange and light wooden wine box that reads "why limit happy to one hour".

    Why Limit Happy Hour Lantern

  • A ceramic plaque with a collage style of background and bird, and reads "We will always be connected in our traveling journeys".

    Traveling Journey Plaque

  • A cream rectangular plaque with a collage of patterns, a large dove, and reads thank you for your friendship & laughter. It means the world to me." in black typewriter font."

    Friendship & Laughter Plaque

  • A cream rectangular plaque with a collage of patterns, a large dove, and reads be brave. be brave. be brave" in black typewriter font."

    Be Brave Plaque

  • A hanging white Heartful Home Bell" with black stripes, small red hearts around the bottom, a chime that reads "grateful", and a black ribbon string."

    Heartful Home Bell - Grateful

  • A white ceramic plaque with four watercolor painted birds on a tree branch and "friends see farther when they lift each other up." in black cursive font.

    Hummers on a Wire Plaque

  • A set of three off-white herb planters, placed on a matching tray. Each with black stripes and polka dots; the center pot also has a large red heart in the center.

    Red Heart Herb Planter Set

  • A left facing view of an illuminated red and light wooden wine box that reads "the best wines are the ones we drink with friends".

    Wine & Friends Lantern

  • A faux green succulent placed in a tan burlap sack with a white patch with black stitching and a sentimental message about So Good in gray handwriting.

    Plant Kindness - So Good

  • A white ceramic plaque with a watercolor painted cardinal and "be like the birds. sing loud and fly free" in black cursive font.

    Spring Cardinal Plaque

  • A simple dark wood magnetic frame with a gray product slip.

    Dark Wood Magnet Frame

  • A dark blue Inspired Bell" with a twine rope, and gold and wooden beads."

    Inspired Bell - Gratitude

  • A mango wooden rectangular serving board with rounded edges, and a cut out handle.

    Wood Serving Board with Round Handle