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  • Small brown/white stuffed horse animal with black mane and tail - laying down

    Appaloosa Horse Large

  • Light brown stuffed animal with long nose and tail

    Armadillo Beanbag

  • White/grey stuffed dog animal with shaggy long hair on its body - laying down

    Australian Shepherd Large

  • White/brown/black stuffed animal dog

    Basset Hound Small

  • White/brown stuffed dog sitting down

    Beagle Beanbag

  • Side view of white/brown/black dog animal standing up

    Beagle Small

  • Small white stuffed dog animal sitting up

    Bichon Frise Beanbag

  • Side view of white stuffed dog animal laying down

    Bichon Frise Large

  • Small stuffed laying down white dog

    Bichon Frise Small

  • Black and white stuffed cat sitting down with green eyes

    Black & White Cat Beanbag

  • Small black and white green eyed walking cat

    Black & White Cat Small

  • Black stuffed teddy bear sitting down

    Black Bear Beanbag

  • Two small stuffed black bears with tan mouths crawling towards the front

    Black Bear Large