Story Time

Stories are shared in many ways. Reading to a child, exposing them to the emotional power of narrative and helping them understand their first words are some of the most magical moments we’ll spend with children. Spark curiosity and a smile with the Story Time collection of storybook/sock sets. Timeless tales and beloved children’s characters are playfully rendered on these knee socks that coordinate with engaging stories. Matching sock themes inspire imaginations and an early love for reading through playful storytelling, colorful character designs and black and white illustrations. This collection reflects the storytelling spirit with fashionable knee socks that tell a story through popular children’s character designs. Gift sets are wonderful for baby showers or for family and friends who recently welcomed a new member of the family.

a baby and a mother reading a stuffed padded book

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  • Small red and light blue cloth book with 'musical friends' printed on above elephant, monkey, duck playing instruments

    Musical Friends Sound Book

  • Barnyard friends' printed on image of red barn with cow, dog, pig, corn stalk front cover of book

    Barnyard Friends Sound Book

  • Low Stock
    White drawstring bag with 'Precious little one, always remember you are a child of God' in purple letters half inside a purple sheep

    You Are a Child of God Activity Book

  • White front cover of book with 'i loce you' in black letters above two hearts

    Poetic Threads I Love You Soft Book

  • Friends on the go' surrounded by firetruck and police car - front cover of baby book

    Friends on the Go Sound Book

  • Small blue ocean cloth book with 'ocean friends' printed on above whales and fish and crabs

    Ocean Friends Sound Book

  • Jungle friends' surrounded by image of elephant, zebra, lion, money printed on front of book

    Jungle Friends Sound Book

  • Grey standing stuffed monkey with 'five little monkeys' cloth book attatched to its tummy

    Five Little Monkeys Puppet Book

  • A farmer's market themed soft book with various fruits and vegetables on the cover.

    Farmer's Market Soft Book

  • baby waterproof book titled The Story of Noah with Noah's ark illustration on front

    The Story of Noah Soft Book

  • The front cover of a soft activity sound book, I Love You! Around the World". Front cover is four children of different ethnicities, with a heart shaped Earth in the center."

    I Love You! Around the World Sound Book

  • Small white and grey stuffed lamb standing up with 'mary had a little lamb' book attatched to its tummy

    Mary Had a Little Lamb Puppet Book

  • The front cover of a soft activity sound book, Friends in the Garden". Front cover is four animals, a dog, a cat, a ladybug, and a butterfly, standing in a field."

    Friends in the Garden Sound Book

  • Low Stock
    Small brown/white cow stuffed animal standing up with 'old macdonald had a farm' book attatched to its stomach

    Old MacDonald Had a Farm Puppet Book