She Inspires

Through beautifully hammered metal artwork, the She Inspires collection by artist Kris Binsfeld honors the woman who has overcome and inspired others around her. We know you love to be encouraged and inspired as well as encourage and inspire those around you. Our "She Inspires" uplifting plaques, cards and tokens are a curated collection of empowering words for all of us. "She Inspires" inspires all of us to be stronger, to believe in ourselves, to speak our truth, to give our hearts and to climb higher. "She" is... YOU. Powerful messaging on tokens, inspiration cards and plaques such as “She is perfectly imperfect” and “Live boldly,” is the perfect gift for encouraging and celebrating a mother, sister, daughter, or friend.

She inspires metal plates with inspiring quotes

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  • A beige coffee mug with "friendship" engraved above a brown heart.

    Friendship Heart Mug

  • A small circular, ivory keepsake dish with a letter to a friend in brown typewriter font.

    Dear You Treasure Keeper - Friends

  • Brunette angel figurine in white dress with gold embellished diamonds


  • silver oval with Rock Star etched into it and gold star attached

    Rock Star Oval Token

  • Small white heart pendant with yellow designs and 'sisters by heart' in black - gold key and silver tassle attatched

    Sisters By Heart Art Heart

  • Small purple/blue heart figurine with 'always my sister forever my friend' on the right of it -  gold key and grey tassle attatched to the heart

    Always my Sister Art Heart

  • gold heart with etched in designs and silver attachment with Love Yourself etched into it

    Love Yourself Heart Token

  • gold heart with silver attachment and Dream it Do it etched into it

    Dream It Heart Token

  • Dear Friend book with woman on front holding yellow star and quote saying I count my lucky stars for you by Kelly Rae Roberts

    Dear Friend Gift Book

  • A simple line drawing of a map with roads connecting to a house with a red heart in the center placed in a wooden frame.

    All Roads Lead to Home Small Wall Art

  • An ivory coffee mug with "dog mom" engraved above a brown heart.

    Dog Mom Heart Mug