She Inspires

Through beautifully hammered metal artwork, the She Inspires collection by artist Kris Binsfeld honors the woman who has overcome and inspired others around her. We know you love to be encouraged and inspired as well as encourage and inspire those around you. Our "She Inspires" uplifting plaques, cards and tokens are a curated collection of empowering words for all of us. "She Inspires" inspires all of us to be stronger, to believe in ourselves, to speak our truth, to give our hearts and to climb higher. "She" is... YOU. Powerful messaging on tokens, inspiration cards and plaques such as “She is perfectly imperfect” and “Live boldly,” is the perfect gift for encouraging and celebrating a mother, sister, daughter, or friend.

She inspires metal plates with inspiring quotes

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  • A white piece of paper with a red thread heart in the center placed in a wooden frame.

    Stitched Heart Wall Art

  • metal plaque with metal attachment with Stronger than Yesterday etched into it

    Stronger than Yesterday Inspire Card

  • A small ivory plate, with a peach center and reads Made for you! Bought by me" in ivory font."

    Made For You Celebration Plate

  • A textured ivory tapered coffee mug with a typed message to "my friend" on the front, and blue inner lining.

    Dear You Mug - Friend

  • A white and light purple Inspired Bell" with a heart shape cut out, a light purple dangling charm, a silver pendant that reads "grandma", and a white cord string with wooden beads."

    Inspired Bell - Grandma

  • Front view of standing figure in blue dress with arms raised to face as if dancing


  • A fair doll with red hair in a striped orange shirt and striped pink pants.

    Redhead Doll

  • A tapered, charcoal, ceramic travel coffee mug, with a thick cream stripe base, a single cream heart in the center, and reads smile" in a cream typewriter font. With a handle, and lid placed on top."

    Smile Heart Travel Mug

  • Think...Plan...Make it happen! silver plaque

    Think Plan Make it Happen Inspire Card

  • Front view of standing figure in cream dress holding bunches of lavender in each hand

    Lavender Grace

  • An ivory floral print art heart with a mom sentimental message, a gold tassel, and a bronze key.

    Mom Art- Heart Sculpture

  • copper colored metal plaque qith silver attachments and stars reading Reach for the Stars

    Reach for the Stars Inspire Card

  • A blue wall art piece featuring a red headed woman surrounded by flowers and multiple textures.

    Your Own Kindness Wall Art

  • A faux green succulent placed in a tan burlap sack with a white patch with black stitching and a sentimental message about friendship in gray handwriting.

    Plant Kindness - Friendship

  • A cream rectangular plaque with a collage of patterns, two young sisters, and reads Soul Sisters growing, trusting, blooming, learning, loving together." in black typewriter font."

    Soul Sisters Plaque