She Inspires

Through beautifully hammered metal artwork, the She Inspires collection by artist Kris Binsfeld honors the woman who has overcome and inspired others around her. We know you love to be encouraged and inspired as well as encourage and inspire those around you. Our "She Inspires" uplifting plaques, cards and tokens are a curated collection of empowering words for all of us. "She Inspires" inspires all of us to be stronger, to believe in ourselves, to speak our truth, to give our hearts and to climb higher. "She" is... YOU. Powerful messaging on tokens, inspiration cards and plaques such as “She is perfectly imperfect” and “Live boldly,” is the perfect gift for encouraging and celebrating a mother, sister, daughter, or friend.

She inspires metal plates with inspiring quotes

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  • A frosted glass heart shaped ornament with a silver snowflake charm, a red velvet string, and "Dear sister, love you more. Pinky swear."

    Dear You Ornament - Sister

  • A frosted glass heart shaped ornament with a silver snowflake charm, a red velvet string, and "Daughter, I love you. It's as simple and wonderful as that."

    Dear You Ornament - Daughter

  • A cream colored ceramic handled soup bowl with a black heart and the word "friendship".

    Friendship Heart Bowl

  • A cream handled mug with small brown dots and hearts and says "The Very Best Mom" with a brown base and pink interior.

    The Very Best Mom Mug

  • A cream colored handled ceramic soup bowl with a black heart and the word "thankful".

    Thankful Heart Bowl

  • A white floral Art Heart that says "when friends are near, happiness is here." The heart has a gold tassel and a bronze key.

    Friends & Happiness Art Heart

  • A heart shaped container that says "your Friendship means the world to me!" and is decorated with birds and flowers.

    Your Friendship Art Heart Keeper

  • A ceramic plaque with a collage style of background and bird, and reads "We will always be connected in our traveling journeys".

    Traveling Journey Plaque

  • In Mom's Kitchen Boa

    In Mom's Kitchen Boa

  • A dainty silver necklace with several silver knots on the chain, and a circular pendant with a gold compass and wheel.

    Dear You Necklace - Tomorrow Awaits

  • A cream rectangular plaque with a collage of patterns, a large dove, and reads thank you for your friendship & laughter. It means the world to me." in black typewriter font."

    Friendship & Laughter Plaque

  • A yellow, black, and purple floral print wrist strap with gold metal accents.

    Wrist Strap - Most Loved Daughter

  • A close up image of a brunette woman sitting on a striped charcoal and wooden chair, wearing a white blouse, blue jeans, and a teal Dear Mom" scarf."

    Dear You Scarf - Mom

  • A hanging white Heartful Home Bell" with black stripes, small red hearts around the bottom, a chime that reads "grateful", and a black ribbon string."

    Heartful Home Bell - Grateful

  • A small, stripe textured, burnt orange vase that reads always my sister, forever my friend", filled with an assortment of small rocks, and a white succulent oil diffuser."

    Succulent Oil Diffuser - My Sister