Men's Gifts

The men in our lives can be hard to shop for, right? We’re here to help you bypass the stress of finding the perfect gift for him with our collection of useful and creative gifts he’ll actually love and use. Explore a variety of heartfelt figures, ’punny’ drinkware, snuggly accessories and more that will show him he’s loved, seen and truly appreciated.

Show him you know him, coffe mugs with gold foil numbers printed on them

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  • A large black and tan coffee mug that reads "property of grandpa".

    Property of Grandpa Mug

  • A set of two large and small black and white coffee mugs. One reads "big man" while the other reads "little man".

    Big Man & Little Man Camper Mug Set

  • A large black and tan mug that reads "property of: dad".

    Property of Dad Mug

  • A black box with a lid with a slit and a tan leather tag that reads "stuff".

    Stuff Keepsake Box

  • Brown leather 5x7 photo frame

    Brown Leather 5x7 Frame

  • A soft blue woven "Dad and Me" cuddle blanket with a tan sentimental fabric patch stitched into the lower right corner.

    Dad and Me Cuddle Blanket

  • Well Done Boa

    Well Done Boa

  • Grandpa Pillow

    Grandpa Pillow

  • My Bar Boa

    My Bar Boa

  • Set of 2 soup mugs with a light blue sea waves theme

    Sea Waves Soup Mug Set of 2

  • A black and tan rectangular picture frame, engraved with my favorite people call me dad" and filled with a family photograph."

    Dad Ceramic Frame

  • Two black and white camper coffee mugs. One reads "grand dad", the other reads "granddad's little man".

    Grand Dad & Little Man Camper Mug Set

  • Men's Leather Bracelet S/2 - Black

    Men's Leather Bracelet S/2 - Black

  • Set of 2 soup mugs with a prairie range theme

    Prairie Range Soup Mug Set of 2