Art Hearts

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we're spotlighting a best-selling artist or gift each month! Explore the inside scoop on the making and becoming of our top-performing collection of Art Hearts. With unique art and encouraging messaging on every sculpture, these precious tokens are carefully designed to speak to the heart and soul of every loved one.

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    Light blue heart pendant with 'dogs leave paw prints on your heart' in black letters above multi-color dog print - gold key and blue tassle attatched

    Paw Prints Art Heart

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    Small white heart pendant with yellow designs and 'sisters by heart' in black - gold key and silver tassle attatched

    Sisters By Heart Art Heart

  • Small purple/blue heart figurine with 'always my sister forever my friend' on the right of it -  gold key and grey tassle attatched to the heart

    Always my Sister Art Heart

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    A white art heart with multi color stripes and a family message on the front with a bronze key and a gold tassel.

    Family Chaos Art Heart

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    Small black heart token with 'my dear you a are a blessing to me' in white

    My Dear Friend Art Heart Christmas Sculpture

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    Multi-color heart pendant with flowers and'friendship starts in loving hearts' in white letters - gold key and silver tassle

    Friendship Loving Hearts Art Heart

  • Small yellow heart figurine with 'you are my sunshine' in white letters

    You are my Sunshine Art Heart Token

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    White heart with various colored flowers and butterflies surrounding the black lettered text. Bronze key and gray tassel attached to top of heart

    She Believed She Could Art Heart

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    Gray metallic heart with a moon, stars, and raised lettering. Tassel and bronze key attached to heart.
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    To The Moon Art Heart

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    Small, multi-color heart pendant - 'you make my heart smile' in navy and pink letters - gold key and tassle attatched
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    Heart Smile Art Heart

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    Blue heart with multi-shades of blue pendant - 'be the difference today' in white letters on it - gold key and blue tassle attatched

    Be the Difference Art Heart