Animal Loveys for Babies

DEMDACO's adorable animal loveys for babies are created with care to comfort and soothe your child. Giving your baby a stuffed animal blanket, also known as a lovey, is a great way to help them learn how to self-soothe. Our animal-themed plush rattle blankies offer a soft, supportive cuddle buddy to help your baby gain confidence as they navigate the big world around them, whether easing separation anxiety or adjusting to new environments. The luxurious-feeling materials are not only super soft, but also durable enough to stand the test of time. From a naptime security blanket to a playtime pal, your little one will adore our cozy baby loveys. They also make excellent gifts for expectant parents or baby showers. Explore our selection of loveys for babies to find the perfect snuggle companion.

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  • Light tan stuffed money animal spread out blanket

    Meekie Monkey Rattle Blankie

  • Blue stuffed lion blanket

    Darcy Dinosaur Rattle Blankie

  • An orange tiger with black stripes "Rattle Blankie".

    Tobias Tiger Rattle Blankie

  • Light green crocodile spread out blanket animal

    Arnie Alligator Rattle Blankie

  • A soft, plush, beige "Goat Rattle Blankie".

    Gilda Goat Rattle Blankie

  • Light pink stuffed animal spread out blanket

    Harlow Hippo Rattle Blankie

  • front view of triangle shaped light purple baby blanket with stuffed cat head, arms and legs

    Kennedy Kitty Rattle Blankie

  • Light blue stuffed animal blanket spread open

    Damien Dog Rattle Blankie

  • Stuffed pink pig spread out blanket

    Pudder Pig Rattle Blankie

  • The front of a bright blue "Growl Pal Blankie".

    Growl Pal Blankie

  • gray striped baby blanket with elephant decal and scalloped tags around edges

    Mommy & Me Activity Blankie - Elephant

  • black and white striped fabric baby mat with dog and cat faces, two rubber hooks and scalloped edges with different patterns of black and white fabric

    Activity Blankie - Dog

  • A square light pink fabric blankie attached to a wood ring teether. The blankie has lines like notebook paper with a sentimental message to a baby girl.

    Dear You Teether Blankie - Sweet Baby Girl

  • A soft pink and gray elephant blankie with a pink heart in the bottom right corner.

    Luxurious Elephant Blankie - Pink

  • A soft, plush cream Prayer Lamb Blankie, with a heart that reads our goodnight prayer" stitched into the top left corner, and a prayer patch stitched into the bottom right corner."

    Goodnight Prayer Lamb Blankie