Handmade Ceramic Plates

Serve up your favorite treats in style with our curated selection of handmade ceramic plates at DEMDACO. From snack plates to dinner plates, choose from a multitude of sizes, shapes and designs. Handcrafted with care by our different partnered artists, our stoneware plates offer something to suit every home décor style and make thoughtful hostess or housewarming gifts.

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  • Square dish with 'friends and family are everything' in blue/orange/red letters

    Friends and Family Square Plate

  • A round glass plate with "Happy Birthday" in a variety of bright colors and patterns in the center.

    Happy Birthday Round Plate

  • square dish with house and flower designs reading Happiness is Home

    Happiness is Home Square Plate

  • The top of a cream 2 in 1 soup and sandwich plate.

    Soup & Sandwich Plate - Cream

  • Yellow sunflower token

    Sunflower Shaped Plate

  • A set of four white ceramic appetizer plates each with a different raised word. Words include "Nibble, Snack, Bite and Nosh".

    White Nibble Appetizer Plates - Set of 4

  • black and white plate with Thank You written on it

    Thank You Dessert Plate

  • Round dish with 'happy happy day!' in rainbow letters next to rainbow cake

    Happy Happy Round Plate

  • A front facing view of a textured white sandwich plate topped with a snowman face soup bowl, with a black top hat lid.

    Snowman Soup & Sandwich Plate with Lid

  • The top of a blue 2 in 1 soup and sandwich plate.

    Soup & Sandwich Plate - Blue

  • A circular white and tan ceramic plate with small multi color polka dots, a simple blue balloon drawing, and reads "happy birthday! to you..." in blue font.

    Happy Birthday! Plate

  • Low Stock
    A circular glass platter with a pink rim, and filled with 8 lit, patterned candles and reads "Happy Birthday".

    Birthday Candles Round Plate

  • Round white sunflower token with yellow center

    Daisy Plate

  • Round white dish with 'celebreate' in red letters and 'life' in blue letters - multi-color flowers and birds around the plate

    Celebrate Life Round Plate

  • A square glass platter with a dark purple rim, and reads "vino" above an assortment of four glasses of wine.

    Vino Wine Glass Square Plate