Double Oven Mitts & Pot Holders

Whether you are an avid pastry baker, enjoy a delicious baked casserole, or simply need a stylish new kitchen accessory, we have you covered with our double oven mitts! These connected oven mitts and pot holders are unique accessories that feature two mitts in one to protect your hands and wrists from heat when baking or carrying hot pots and dishes. The shape and design of the long, quilted pad not only offer protection, but also allow for easy handling and hanging when not in use. You can grab the cookie tray without worrying about accidental burns and confidently spend time in the kitchen with loved ones. An essential for every baking enthusiast, our double oven mitts make a thoughtful, functional gift for any occasion.

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  • A blue double oven mitt with white fabric ends that have pretty wildflowers on them, displayed folded in half.

    Floral Double Oven Mitt

  • A tan double oven mitt with dark red fabric ends that say "Will Cook for Wine" in gold, displayed folded in half.

    Cook for Wine Double Oven Mitt