Poncho Horse Lamp

Dean Crouser

This colorful, Western-whimsy Poncho horse lamp is showcased by an elegant canvas of white porcelain. Offering an artful lighting solution, this piece complements home décor. Crafted with keepsake-quality, this piece is something special to pass on to the next generation. Dean Crouser’s Nature-inspired artwork lifts the spirit with vibrant color palettes and authentically captured animal and flower subjects in a variety of decorative and functional formats.
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The Details
  • Unique, poncho horse design
  • Artwork by Dean Crouser
  • Nature-inspired design
  • Porcelain lamp body
  • Silk damask lampshade
The Artist
Dean Crouser was born and raised in Oregon, where summers were spent camping and fishing on the foothills of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River Gorge and the Central Oregon High Lakes. This adventuresome childhood fostered a love of fishing, camping and th e great outdoors that can be found in the expressions of Dean's art. When it comes to painting, Dean strives to say the most with the least, keeping his work fast and spontaneous. His goal is to capture the beauty and simplicity of a scene that every one can relate to.

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