Garden Decor

DEMDACO curates unique and meaningful gifts for people who garden and loving spending time outdoors. If you're throwing a garden party, or know someone who loves backyard entertaining, we offer some very memorable selections of yard art, wind chimes, stained glass, and intricately decorated items specifically designed with wildlife artwork that celebrates nature.

Metal-edged glass terraniums sitting on a white table

  • Red, white, green, pink wooden wall art that says 'a beautiful flower and grumpy weed live here'
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    Beautiful Flower Grumpy Weed Wall Art

  • wire and glass box in the shape of a cross reading Grow with Grace
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    Cross Terrarium

  • wire and class pyramidal container
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    Geometric Terrarium

  • wire and glass pencil container reading Grow
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    Grow Terrarium

  • wire framed glass container reading Love Lives Here
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    Love Lives Here Terrarium

  • wire and glass container with Nurture Love written at the top
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    Nurture Love Terrarium

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    Triangle Terrarium