Christmas Serving Platters

Host in style this season with our Christmas serving platter collection at DEMDACO. The perfect addition to any festive gathering, our ceramic and glass holiday serving platters come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. From traditional family recipes to baked cookies for Santa, offer your favorite treats in style with our artisan holiday platters.

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  • White round serving plate with nativity scene carved around it and quote in the center

    Nativity Serving Platter

  • A rectangular serving plate with black polka dots around the rin, and a large green and red Christmas tree in the bottom.

    Christmas Tree Striped Platter

  • White plaque with palm trees and two people with a donkey carved in - light black religious quote centered

    Road to Bethlehem Serving Platter

  • Out of Stock
    A white square serving platter with a Santa Claus and white, green, and red polka dots.

    Square Santa Platter Glass Waving Santa

  • A black and white ceramic serving platter with a graphic of a Christmas tree, a red house, and a snowman.

    Heartful Home Platter

  • Low Stock
    white rectangular dish with gingerbread man, snowman, tree and Santa figures painted on

    Christmas Cookies Platter

  • New
    A rectangular glass serving platter with a bright green edging, and filled with multi shades of polka dots, black swirls, and patterned candy canes.

    Candy Canes Rect. Platter - 15x8"

  • New
    A clear, rectangular glass serving platter with a red and white striped base, and filled with patterned Christmas trees.

    Christmas Trees Rect. Platter - 15x8"

  • Low Stock
    A rectangular glass platter with an orange rim, and filled with four halloween symbols. A black cat, white ghost, orange pumpkin, and a purple witch hat.

    Halloween Cookies Platter

  • New
    A clear rectangular glass serving platter with a light pink scalloped edge, and three polka dotted bunnies in the center.

    Rectangle Easter Bunny Platter - 15x8"

  • New
    A circular glass serving platter with a red and white striped edge, and a decorated Christmas tree and presents in the center.

    Christmas Tree Round Plate - 13"dia.

  • A red and black plaid rectangular serving platter with white drawings of trees and snowflakes.

    Cozy Plaid Rectangular Platter

  • New
    A circular clear glass plate with a yellow and white striped edge, and a blue polka dotted water pot filled with flowers.

    Round Spring Platter - 13"dia.

  • Christmas Candy Rectangle Platter

    Christmas Candy Rectangle Platter