Christmas Dinner Plates

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  • A small white snack plate of a snowman's head, wearing a tan scarf and a black top hat.

    Snowman Snack Plate

  • A small, textured, white olive dish of a snowman wearing a black tophat.

    Snow Day Snowman Olive Dish

  • A snowman shaped divided dish with two sections, one with a snowman head, one with a single red heart. Separated by a blue and green striped scarf.

    Snowman Heart Divided Dish

  • A textured white ceramic spreading dish of a snowman wearing a black tophat. Placed beside a matching spreader knife.

    Snow Day Snowman Plate with Spreader Set

  • Mr. Snowman Round Plate

    Mr. Snowman Round Plate

  • A white spreader plate with a watercolor painted image of a red cardinal in the center of a holly wreath in the center. Placed to the left of a matching spreader knife.

    Cardinal Wreath Plate with Spreader Set

  • Cream colored plate with red accents and a Giving Spirit of Christmas saying

    Christmas Giving Plate Stoneware Tradition

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    white plate and mug with red detailing and Christmas phrases on both

    Made for Santa Melamine Milk & Cookies Set

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    A square, glass serving platter with an image of a snowman surrounded by white snowflakes.

    Snowman Square Plate - 13"sq.

  • A red circular divided Santa dish, with a red top and a black and white striped bottom. With a small white bowl with a green rim attached.

    Santa Striped Divided Dish

  • A circular glass serving platter, with a red edge, and three large red, green, and silver presents in the center.

    Christmas Presents Round Plate

  • An assortment of four red and black plaid snack plates, each with a white message or graphic, such as a log cabin, or "oh so good".

    Oh So Good Plaid Snack Plates - 4 Assorted

  • Holly Pattern Round Plate

    Holly Pattern Round Plate