Christmas Cloches

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  • A glass cloche ornament with a baby in a manger scene inside.

    Baby Jesus Cloche Ornament

  • Round clear bell jar with small tan dog wearing crown figurine inside - silver branches surrounding it

    Shih Tzu Cloche Ornament

  • A lit nativity scene inside a glass dome on a faux white wood base.

    Large Glass Holy Family Vignette Cloche

  • A lit glass cloche with a winter scene including a home and trees inside. The base resembles a snowy stump and the top of the glass is embellished with small beads.

    Lit Winter Home Cloche Vignette

  • A glass dome cloche with a wood base and a green bottle brush tree inside that is lit and sprinkled with snow.

    Lit Bottle Brush Tree Cloche

  • A glass cloche with a lit silhouette cutout scene of forest animals in a winter setting.

    Lit Cloche with Winter Deer Scene