Christmas Figurines

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  • Three whitewashed wood nesting angels

    Nesting Angels Set of 3 Assorted

  • A soft white knit snowman figure, with a wool body, a black and white scarf, and a black top hat.

    Knit Small Snowman Figure

  • two vintage looking snowmen stood up on stands holding evergreen trees and wreaths

    Winter Wishes Snowman Figures - Set of 2

  • vintage looking statue of a snowman

    Cozy Snowman Figure

  • A set of four "Nesting Christmas Characters", all in dwindling sizes. A large green Santa, a medium size snowman, a medium size reindeer, and a small penguin.

    Nesting Christmas Characters Set

  • A soft white knit snowman figure, with a wool body, a black stocking hat, a brown scarf, and a striped stocking.

    Knit Medium Snowman Figure

  • An illuminated crystal figure of a church with a green and red wreath, and two Christmas trees on each side.

    Lit Crystal Church Figure

  • Two white Santa Claus figures, one holding a present and holly leaves, the other holding a silver tree and a silver wreath.

    Santa Figures Assorted Set of 2

  • A set of two illuminated glass snowmen figurines, one larger and one smaller. Each wearing a red scarf and a black top hat.

    Lit Glass Snowman Figures - Set of 2

  • A soft white knit large snowman figure, with a wool body, a chevron black scarf with a matching stocking, and holding a red and green pom pom string.

    Knit Large Snowman Figure

  • two golden lit up glittery houses

    Lit Snowy Glass House Figures - 2 Assorted

  • Lit Ceramic Gnome

    Lit Ceramic Gnome

  • Out of Stock
    Large Cozy Gnome Figure

    Large Cozy Gnome Figure

  • Set of 3 nesting wood snowmen

    Nesting Snowmen Set of 3 Assorted