Trust your Heart Manifesto Magnet Gift Book

The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection

Heartfelt gift book that tells a beautiful, uplifting, and soul-searching story. Designed and written by artist Kelly Rae Roberts to express an emotional connection to something special in life. This gift book features up to 32 pages of Kelly Rae's best-selling artwork and sentiments. Includes special magnet, which can be used as a bookmark, in a vellum pocket on the inside. DEMDACO Trust your Heart Manifesto Magnet Gift Book by The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection Trust your heart out. Nothing is wasted and everything shapes us. Book excerpt: Embrace the imperfections, the wild chaos, the holy mess of your beautiful life. Paper, Magnet. 32 pages. 4.5 Inches W X 7 Inches H
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The Details
  • Size: 7.0"H x4.5"W x0.5"D
  • Materials: paper, paper, magnet
  • Sentiment: Cover: Trust Your Heart Out Nothing is wasted and everything shapes us. Manifesto book by Kelly Rae Roberts, Magnet: Trust Your Heart Out I believe… When all else fails, love always wins. I believe… In practicing courage every single day. I believe… Nothing is wasted & everything shapes us. I believe… In letting go & trusting the process. Book: May you… Embrace the imperfections, the wild chaos, the holy mess of your beautiful life. May you… Have courageous, bold faith in your dreams as they call you toward a life of immeasurable joy and possibility. May you… Trust that everything, even the struggles, helps us to emerge softer, wiser, more beauty-full. May you… Discover small everyday signs of love that have been given to you, to light the way. May you… Trust your heart, your intuition, the small but wise voice that knows the way toward truth and beauty. May you… Embrace your vulnerabilities and trust that they will deepen + strengthen your connection to those you love. And finally, may you… Trust & know how deeply you are loved, held, known, and seen through all seasons of your life. Your heart is never alone
  • Copyright: ©2018 Kelly Rae Roberts for DEMDACO
  • UPC: 638713465436
The Artist
Kelly Rae Roberts began her career as a social worker, but later followed her heart’s passion to become an artist. Her unique style of layered mixed-media designs with inspirational sentiments expresses honesty and tenderness while remaining lighth earted and colorful. DEMDACO is proud to celebrate 10 years of working with Kelly Rae in 2019, and during the course of our partnership, her vibrant, soulful artwork has appeared on home accents, fashion and jewelry, sweet baby gifts and more. Still a social worker at heart, Kelly Rae’s creations continue to inspire, with emotional expressions of hope, possibilities, healing, strength, and self-care. Thanks Kelly Rae, for 10 years of lifting the spirits of so many with your beautiful, heartwar ming artwork.

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