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  • white knit blanket with patch in corner with sentiment printed on it
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    Soul Care Throw Blanket

  • tan pillow with different colored fabric patches and sentiment about self love printed in different fonts

    Soul Care Pillow

  • Small round photo frame with light wooden outline - center is red head angel figurine's face
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    Awakening Plaque

    $9.00 $4.38
  • Red/green notebook with 'be brave' on it
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    Be Brave Manifesto Magnet Gift Book

  • Small light blue wall art with brunette angel woman in the center - 'in memory of a loved one' in black
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    Remembrance Gift Book

  • Checkered pattern of blank squares and squares with pictures and notes. Sqaures are 3 by 3 on blanket

    Blessing Blanket

  • Small blue/green butterfly print book with white center that says 'soul care' in brown around yellow/red butterflies
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    Soul Care Manifesto Magnet Gift Book