Hope and Healing

There are times when our loved ones, friends, neighbors or co-workers might need a little extra support. Sometimes we don’t know what to say, or words simply aren’t the right way to provide comfort. A gift can make someone forget about their time of need and could even put a smile on their face. Gifts let them know you care, that you’re thinking about them, and that they’re not alone. DEMDACO’s Hope & Healing gifts range from inspirational artwork, tokens and sculptural figures, to our Giving Collection of soft and cozy blankets, shawls and other warm and comforting items to hug. The are many ways to encourage hope and support the healing process – we do our best to help you Lift the Spirit of others.

  • Giving Bear sits facing the camera with his note attached to his chest. Fur is brown and tinged light blue

    Giving Bear plush

  • Cream Giving Shawl

  • pink and black multipatterned patchwork tote bag
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    Your Journey Cross Body Bag

  • Brunette angel figurine in white dress with gold embellished diamonds
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  • Three faceless woman figurines in white dresses with blue bottoms all standing side by side
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    By my side

  • Giving Heart collection light grey heart pillow

    Taupe Giving Heart

  • Sage Giving Shawl

  • Taupe Giving Shawl is folded into brown gift packaging with a cream bow tied around it. Two tags are attached to bow

    Taupe Giving Shawl

  • silver heart with gold detailing reading You are Loved
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    You are Loved Heart Token

  • Dark wooden border wall art - image of blue/yellow bird house hanging from branch with bird sitting on it against white background
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    Happy Place Wall Art

  • Heart Giving Bracelet

  • Bracelet with seven strands consisting of pearls, gemstones, and glass beads is multi-colored. Large silver pendant with gold cross on bracelet. Bracelet is in brown gift packaging with black lettering

    Gray Your Journey Prayer Bracelet

  • Front view of cream colored Giving Heart. Small tag sewn near bottom with black and light blue lettering

    Cream Giving Heart pillow

  • Angel figurine in white dress with black wire wings holding arms crossed on her chest
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  • tan pillow with different colored fabric patches and sentiment about self love printed in different fonts
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    Soul Care Pillow

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    Radiate Possibility Token

  • Two taupe colored Giving Socks laying next to each other, one has sewn in tag with black and light blue lettering

    Taupe Giving Socks

  • Mother figurine in white dress sitting down holding baby in her arms
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    For Always

  • Cross Giving Bracelet

  • Pink Giving Shawl