Kaleidoscope Butterfly Serving Board

Dean Crouser

When you enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors, it makes sense to bring it into your home. Decorate your space with accent pieces and functional dishware from the Big Sky Collection. Watercolor artist, Dean Crouser, brings a unique look to everyday flora and fauna with his vibrant artwork created especially for this Collection. His work is all inspired by a love of nature and a childhood spent camping in the Pacific Northwest. Serve your guests tasty treats from the DEMDACO Dean Crouser Kaleidoscope Butterfly Board at summer and fall parties. Painted in bold brushstrokes on the back of the dish, there is a colorful butterfly about to land on a purple flower. The other side of the dish features instructions for laying out the ultimate cheese plate. A perfect gift for nature lovers and fans of Dean Crouser, this meat and cheese Serving board will have your loved ones oohing and aahing. You may also want to buy one for your own use on lazy summer evenings and at small Gatherings. This DEMDACO Dean Crouser Kaleidoscope Butterfly Board is made from ceramic stoneware and comes with a leather tie for hanging. It measures 8" W x 14" L.
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The Details
  • Watercolor artist, Dean Crouser, brings the great outdoors to life with his vibrant paintings. Each design is lovingly reproduced on everyday household goods, so you can also enjoy the beauty that he sees in nature.
  • Crouser puts the focus on butterflies with this beautiful Kaleidoscope Butterfly Serving Board. You'll love how eye-catching the image is when the Serving board is displayed on your kitchen walls with the included leather tie. The bright and bold butterfly is painted in intense yellows, reds, and greens. It appears to be landing on a purple flower as if looking for a light snack of nectar.
  • This Serving board is just the right size for Serving cheese and meat appetizers at a small gathering. On the obverse side the dish is printed with the instructions for creating the ultimate cheese plate.
  • It is dishwasher-safe, but the Serving dish isn't meant for use in the microwave or oven.
  • The DEMDACO Dean Crouser Kaleidoscope Butterfly Board is made from stoneware for the Big Sky Collection by Dean Crouser. It also comes with a leather tie for hanging. The Serving board measures 7" W x 14" H.
The Artist
Dean Crouser was born and raised in Oregon, where summers were spent camping and fishing on the foothills of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River Gorge and the Central Oregon High Lakes. This adventuresome childhood fostered a love of fishing, camping and th e great outdoors that can be found in the expressions of Dean's art. When it comes to painting, Dean strives to say the most with the least, keeping his work fast and spontaneous. His goal is to capture the beauty and simplicity of a scene that every one can relate to.

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