Hummingbirds & Blooms Vanity Dish

Elizabeth St. Hilaire

This irregularly shaped heart design of this vanity dish captures the individuality of every heart. Keepsake craftsmanship featuring a high-gloss finish setting off metallic accents against a vivid color palette makes this dish something special to pass on as a gift or heirloom to a loved one.Elizabeth St. Hilaire showcases the beauty of Nature in her distinctive and vibrant collage artwork. Free-spirited and whimsical subject matter such as butterflies and love-me-love-me-not daisies turn functional items including mugs and serving plates into artwork, and elevate wall art and vanity dishes to unique collectibles.
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The Details
  • Unique, hummingbird collage design
  • Artwork by Elizabeth St. Hilaire
  • Nature-inspired design
  • High-glass finish with metallic accents
  • Handwash only
The Artist
From a very young age, Elizabeth St. Hilaire knew that art was her true calling, and her creations are truly an extension of who she is. Her personal style is as lively and vibrant as the collages she creates—from her tangerine shoes to her purple polka-dot kitchen table. As someone passionate about making art accessible to everyone to enjoy, Elizabeth is thrilled to have a DEMDACO collection and hopes that fans of her work will have the opportunity to enjoy, embrace and have her work as part of their everyday lives.

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