Hummingbird Pair with Nest Sculpture

Big Sky Gallery

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This charming pair of hummingbirds reflects an authentic moment from Nature that makes a perfect appreciation gift for a birder, or a special occasion or holiday. Original artwork and a keepsake quality take this sculpture from artwork to an heirloom many generations can enjoy. In his Nature-inspired artwork, Dennis Franzen bridges the indoor life with those wild places in the spirit that connect us to the great outdoors from the inside. Bronze-glazed sculptures beautifully accent home décor, and glazed, sculpture mugs offer an artful function.
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Charming hummingbird nesting sculpture Design by Dennis Franzen Nature-inspired design Finished with bronze glaze 5W x 7.25H
The Artist
Though Dennis Franzen is an accomplished artist of many mediums, including jewelry making, stained glass, and watercolor, it’s wildlife sculpture that gives him the greatest satisfaction as an artist. And it’s not hard to understand why, as Denni s is someone who embraces all that nature has to offer every day. Not only is he active outside enjoying mountain biking, swimming, and archery, but he also owns a small cabin with land where he finds some of his greatest inspiration in the sunrises, sunsets, and wildlife all around. He hopes that his sculptures for DEMDACO will bring as much joy to people as he felt in recreating the fine detail of the beautiful birds in his collection.

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