Blue Austen Bear Plush Teddy Bear

Forever My Teddy

Austen Bear is a toy that grows with the little ones in our lives. Austen Bear sits soft and cuddly, ready for a big hug and endless adventures. In a toddler’s arms, or with baby in crib, Jane bear is ready for life-long friendship. A perfect gift for an expectant mother, or little one's birthday.
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The Details
  • This snuggly stuffed animal is more than a bear, it is a young child's best friend. Our stuffed animals are sacred keepsakes, cherished for a lifetime. DEMDACO's Austen Bear by Forever My Teddy, sits soft and loveable, ready for a great big hug and endless adventures.
  • Embellished with a silky ribbon bow, this happy bear is ready to tag along on any play date. Austen Bear’s extra soft, baby blue fur can bring immediate comfort and calm to any situation. This bear’s sweet and happy face is adorably enchanting, and is sure to bring a smile to all around.
  • There is sentimental value that accompanies finding the perfect teddy bear for a special one in your life, this toy comes baring love. Austen Bear has a way of bringing joy, and a sense of safety and security that children cling to. A perfect gift for an expectant mother, a little one's birthday, or as a sweet surprise just because.
  • DEMDACO Plush Blue Austen Bear Stuffed Animal by Forever My Teddy
  • Made of plush materials, 10" surface washable

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