The Wish Books

The Christmas Wish is the story of Anja, a brave and kind child, who sets out on an adventure to make her dream of helping Santa Claus come true. With the generous help of many animal friends – from a bright cardinal to a strong horse to a gentle polar bear – Anja joyfully travels the snowy terrain to meet her Christmas hero.

The book’s heartwarming narrative was spun from the creative imagination of prop, set, and wardrobe stylist Lori Evert when her husband, award-winning photographer Per Breiehagen, captured their real-life daughter, Anja, in a magical image with a reindeer. The trio embarked on a family project to bring the timeless Nordic story to life by illustrating it with breathtaking photographs starring the kind and adventurous Anja.

Now admirers of the beloved holiday children’s book can embrace and share the story of The Christmas Wish through charming gifts and decorative accessories that reflect the book’s characters and magical adventures. Per’s captivating photography is featured on wall art, mugs and note cards, while plush toys, snow globes and ornaments depict characters and scenes from the story.

Young girl feeding a reindeer an apple in a white snowy landscape, The Wish Books, portrait of Per Breiehagen, Lori Evert, and daughter Anja

  • White snowy pillow with little girl wearing red hat and holding puppy
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    Anja with Puppy Pillowcase

    $19.00 $9.38
  • Set of six small photo frames with reindeers in snow on them - strings holding them up are red/black plaid
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    The Wish Books Gift Card Ornaments - 6 Assorted

    $30.00 $14.98
  • Close-up shot of young girl with blonde pigtails, red hat and red plaid dress - Christmas Wish circle pendant on her right side

    The Christmas Wish Anja Doll

  • Christmas Wish book cover - scene of reindeer with little girl holding apple up to it
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    The Christmas Wish Book

  • White and grey dog stuffed animal with red bow and 'christmas wish' tag
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    The Christmas Wish Husky Small

  • Reindeer Wish book cover - scene of snowy tree and kid riding on reindeer
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    The Reindeer Wish Book

  • Small white stuffed bear with red bow and 'christmas wish' tag
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    The Christmas Wish Polar Bear Large