Dishes With DEMDACO: Summer Cheese Board

Posted Jun 17th 2021

Summer is here! Get ready for the season's celebrations with the ultimate cheese plate that's simple as it is delicious!


  • Brie (soft cheese)
  • Havarti (semi-soft cheese)
  • Cheddar (semi-firm cheese)
  • Parmigiano (firm cheese, aged)
  • Salami (meat)
  • Prosciutto (meat)
  • Honey (sweet)
  • Green grapes (sweet)
  • Raspberries (sweet)
  • Blueberries (summery, sweet)
  • Crackers (2 kinds)
  • Almonds (nuts)
  • Rosemary (garnish)


- Serves approx. 3-4 people

- Estimate around 3 ounces of cheese per person

- Label your cheese and use different knives for each


Here are some of our favorite cheese plates that will add a festive feel to every gathering. 

*Hint: look on the back of the boards... there are helpful tips on how to make the perfect charcuterie board! 

Beach Cheese Board

Hummingbird Cheese Board 

Joy & Thankful Boards with Spreaders
Gather Together, 2 in 1 Serving Dish

Good Food Cheese Board

Every cheese board is a good cheese board! Discover more  artisan serveware for all occasions!