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Baby might receive multiple blankets as “welcome to the world” presents, but only one will be their “blankie.” Blankies are dear companions at naptime, bedtime, and usually just about any time at all. Kids tend to hold on to their blankies longer than most toys and stuffed animals – some adults (reportedly) still have their blankies, even if they would never admit it. A blanket becomes a blankie when it possesses the distinct qualities each unique baby finds appealing. First, there’s the material – it’s got to be soft, of course. Then, there’s the color and design – it might be a favorite character or animal. Some feature inspirational sentiments or messages of faith. Every baby needs a blankie that fits their personality and desire for comfort. See if we have the right blankie for your little love.

Baby with soft gray toy blanket with different textures and heart teething ring

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