Susan Lordi

  • White wooden keepsake box with carved image of faceless young girl praying

    a tree, a prayer Memory Box

  • Front view of two women figurines hugging one another


  • Cream plaque with image of faceless girl holding cat in her arms

    Comfort Plaque

  • Front view of wooden keepsake box - image of two little girls sitting looking at each other on the front of box

    Friendship Keepsake Box

  • Brown dog figurine sitting turning to the side

    Love my Dog (dark)

  • Man and woman figurines standing hugging one another on white rose round plaque

    Promise Cake Topper

  • White small wooden box with carved in little girl holding tan puppy

    True Keepsake Box

  • Small white plaque with carved image of girl in white dress hugging golden puppy

    True Plaque