Lenae May

The blending of structure with whimsy is the benchmark for Lenae May’s artistry. Her love of natural fibers and vintage style combine with a variety of textured materials to create her ornamentally designed stockings that warm the home and bring family together during the holidays. The joy of deconstructing to repurpose is evident in Lenae’s workmanship. Her utilization of reusable fabric translates into a true labor of love with elaborate design elements in every piece. With wool, velvet, fur and ribbon textiles, each stocking has a story, bringing sophistication to a whole new level.

Portrait of artist Lenae May  and a closeup detail of a soft and embellished stocking sitting on a chair

  • White/black checkered print with red bow hanging stocking - with white fur cuff, blue heel, and birds nest in toe
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    Amelia Stocking

  • Hanging stocking with black and white bow, multi-color flowers, and curled up shoe
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    Renoir Stocking

    $70.00 $48.98
  • Hanging white furry stocking with large green bow, birds nest on the bottom of shoe
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    Petite Amelia Stocking

    $50.00 $34.98