Ornaments & Tree Toppers


two angels on a tree one holding the sun as a star and the other standing on one foot dancing with a water color background

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  • Journey Ornament

  • Magnolia Ornament

  • Warm Embrace Ornament

  • Butterfly Ornament

  • 2020 Ornament

  • Good Cheer! Ornament

  • Forget-me-not Ornament

  • For You Ornament

  • Bloom Ornament

  • Close view of brunette girl figurine ornament  in white dress holding white flower bouquet that says 2019 on it

    2019 Ornament

  • Prayer angel figurine with hands in prayer

    a tree, a prayer Ornament

  • Angel figurine holding 'thank you' sign

    Just for You Ornament

  • Close view of two angel figurines hugging one another

    Angel's Embrace Ornament

  • Faceless angel figurine in white dress holding black wire flowers

    Friendship Ornament

  • Close view of angel figurine in white dress dancing with wire wings ornament - being hung by dark rope string

    Song of Joy Ornament