Susan lordi working on carving sleeping angles and close up shots of the text and tools

76-90 of 120 items

the number of product on this page and in total are 76-90 of 120 items

  • Angel of Mine Gift Set

  • Little One

  • Little girl figurine holding brown bird house

    Mi Casa

  • Small faceless figurine girl wearing white shirt and blue jeans with hands crossed on her legs

    Spirited Child

  • Young girl figurine holding gold heart


  • Front view of girl with brown hair in a bun holding a pineapple with both hands


  • Front view of girl with brown hair in a bun holding three flowers with long stems up to her chest with both hands


  • Small faceless figurine wearing all white, holding up black round 'hope' sign


  • Little boy figurine sitting with hands in lap

    Imaginative Child

  • Young girl figurine sitting in light pink dress holding tiny baby in her arms - sitting on grey plush bean bag

    My new baby (blush)

  • Little girl figurine holding lamb

    Peace on Earth

  • Girl figurine in white dress carrying purple flowers in arms


  • Front view of little girl with short brown hair holding a large bouquet of yellow roses

    Good Cheer

  • Woman figurine holding hands up to her face

    Jet'aime( I Love You)