Susan lordi working on carving sleeping angles and close up shots of the text and tools

61-75 of 120 items

the number of product on this page and in total are 61-75 of 120 items

  • Faceless girl figurine wearing white dress holding brown book

    Love of Learning

  • Faceless woman sitting on grey rock wearing all white holding pink heart


  • Front view of young girl with light brown hair sitting cross legged and holding a brown cat in her arms, both cat and girl gaze at each other

    Kindness (girl)

  • Small brunette girl figurine in white dress holding up white dove


  • Woman holding belly figurine


  • Woman figurine holding star print box


  • Brunette woman figurine sitting on grey rock


  • Side view of kneeling female figure in cream dress, with wire butterfly on extended hands

    Quiet Wonder

  • Front view of brunette woman figurine in white dress holding swaddled baby


  • Woman figurine holding both her hands in different directions in white dress with blue on it embellished with crystals


  • Front view of boy with light brown hair wearing white shirt and jeans and holding a light brown puppy as it licks his face.

    Kindness (boy)

  • Front view of brunette girl figurine in white dress with gold dots holding her hands to her face


  • Brunette girl figurine in white dress with arms spread out


  • Woman figurine holding baby


  • Faceless woman figurine wearing all white dress with her hands holding a candle