Susan lordi working on carving sleeping angles and close up shots of the text and tools

46-60 of 120 items

the number of product on this page and in total are 46-60 of 120 items

  • Side view of woman with tied back brown hair holding a cluster of yellow flowers to her face

    Warm Embrace

  • Brunette girl figurine in white dress holding white dove with one arm

    With sympathy

  • Man and woman figurines sitting holding hands


  • Front view of little girl with short brown hair holding a cluster of red calla lilies


  • Small boy figurine in white shirt and blue jeans sitting down with one hand on his face

    Inquisitive Child

  • Golden cat sitting on white box figurine

    Love my Cat (light)

  • Young boy holding smaller boy figurines


  • Faceless man and woman figurines sitting on rock wearing all white

    With my Grandmother

  • Father figurine with arms around two little girls

    My Girls

  • Front view of little girl with brown hair and both arms in the air as she holds a wire balloon. Text on balloon is wire

    Birthday Girl

  • Golden cat figurine sitting on white rock plaque

    Love my Cat (dark)

  • Two small baby figurines in all white onesies sitting down

    Two Together

  • Father and little boy figurine sitting holding hands


  • Faceless woman figurine wearing white dress standing facing forward

    Irish Charm