Susan lordi working on carving sleeping angles and close up shots of the text and tools

16-30 of 120 items

the number of product on this page and in total are 16-30 of 120 items

  • Father holding baby in blanket figurine

    The Quilt

  • Man and woman figurines holding baby

    Our Gift

  • Man and woman figurines holding one another


  • Angel figurine in white dress holding silver heart figurine up

    Lots of Love

  • Mother figurine with arms wrapped around two children


  • Mother and father figurines standing holding baby wrapped in white onesie

    We are Three

  • Father and daughter figurines sitting down looking at one another

    Father and Daughter

  • Two little girl figurines facing one another holding hands

    Sisters by Heart

  • Little boy figurine standing holding gold heart

    Heart of Gold

  • Two small girl figurines in white dresses hugging one another on round rock plaque

    Sister mine

  • Small girl figurine in white dress holding pink flower bouqet


  • Close view of older figurine sitting on rock holding up baby


  • Young child figurine praying

    Prayer of Peace

  • Front view of brunette girl figurine in white dress with gold dots holding her hands out

    Everyday Blessings

  • Front view of woman with tied back brown hair holding a cluster of blue flowers up to her face