Religious Gifts

One of the most special milestones and moments to celebrate are those involving religious accomplishments or rites-of-passage such as baptisms, first communions, and confirmations. These are times that the family comes together to celebrate spiritual joy and important moments of faith in a young person’s life that could define them for a lifetime, with a belief system and set them on a path of spiritual guidance. Religious gifts are also meaningful for godparents or sponsors for baptisms who will be there for life as faith grows. DEMDACO curates a special selection of religious gifts for many different spiritual occasions and recipients.

Celebrate faith! a ceramic dish with the birth of christ and the three wisemen

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  • Angel figurine holding puppy

    Angel of Friendship

  • Close up of figurine angel holding puppy

    Angel of Comfort

  • Angel figurine holding rock

    Angel of Healing

  • Angel praying figurine

    Angel of Prayer

  • Angel figurine in white dress with wire wings dancing on top of wooden stand

    Dance of Life

  • Small angel figurine with praying hands

    a tree, a prayer

  • Faceless woman angel figurine in white dress with black wings holding up hands

    Angel of Freedom

  • Angel figurine holding out candle

    Angel of Hope

  • Front view of angle with brown hair sitting on a stone with her hands cupping her cheeks

    Angel of Caring

  • Angel figurine hugging baby

    Angel's Embrace

  • Far shot of angel figurine on wooden stand

    Song of Joy

  • Angel wears a mostly pink dress with yellow boxes containing black lettering. Angel has brown hair, pink and blue flowers with green leaves in hair, and wings are pages from a book. Yellow ribbon attached to top of angel

    Survivor Angel Figure

  • Angel figurine holding standing up baby

    Guardian Angel

  • Close view of angel on knees praying figurine

    Angel of the Spirit

  • woman angel figure with blue skirt and poem printed on skirt and top

    Faith Over Fear Angel